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Thank God for this place! This place is a great help for my family!

Romaine Rollins - FREE Grocery Giveaway Recipient

Thank you for the grocery giveaway. I am thankful and appreciate it... it was very well organized... you did a great job... you made my day and I got delicious groceries... I am not working and it (the groceries) helped.

Anonymous - FREE Grocery Giveaway Senior Recipient

You accepted him as a team member, which increased his sense of self-worth. You gave him purpose, which kept him going forward even when he was discouraged. You taught him that everyone has dignity, and should be treated with respect. You taught him the joy of serving others. Last but not least, you helped him get into a very fine list of colleges, many of whom offered him scholarships. We can never thank you enough! Blessings to all of you,

Melinda Jasani - FVCC Youth Volunteer Mother

God bless you Pastor for all you do all year to help us with food and clothing.

S. Collahore-Rogers - FREE Grocery Giveaway Recipient

I am a children's minister who has been involved with Faith Victory Christian Center. I was present last year to see the huge turn out of people at the back pack giveaway. It so touched my heart to see many needy children and families being blessed. How important to prepare the children of an upcoming school year. I have been impressed with the continuous giving into the community that has been demonstrated by this wonderful ministry. Believe me, all items will be distributed to the appropriate people.

Karen Sattem - Children of His Glory Ministries

We couldn't think of a better organization to volunteer for. You do so much good for so many people it really is wonderful and it makes us feel so good every time we help. So thank you for allowing us to be apart of your team.

Angela McAvinue - FVCC volunteer